Weak points of Bitcoin casinos

There are still no platforms in French: for live casino players this point is only half a worry as roulette, blackjack or live baccarat games are usually presented with English speaking dealers. The main notable change will be to get used to roulette in Bitcoin or millibitcoin (mBTC) With 1 BTC close to € 10,000, the value of mBTC is € 10. To take into account the price increase of Bitcoin, some Bitcoin Casinos such as Fortune Jack have lowered the minimum bet to 0.25 mBTC or about € 2.50

Bitcoins casinos are still new: few Bitcoin casinos have a great deal of precedence. That’s why, it seems better to focus on pioneers such as Bitcasino or Bitstarz .. The reassuring element is that boomerang returns are getting faster. A ‘bad’ Bitcoin casino that does not respect the interests of the player or that does not pay its winners would be very quickly blacklisted. Forums such as Bitcointalk.org and social networks of Bitcoin users are extremely active because they are even more savvy than the average Internet user. Any failure of a Bitcoin player spreads quickly.

Bitcoin is a very volatile currency: it moves up and down very quickly. The cautious casino player who does not want to take any foreign exchange risk, will hold as little as possible in the portfolio.

Buy Bitcoin easily

To play in Bitcoin, supposes to hold some, the preliminary one is a small apprenticeship to manipulate the cryptocurrency. If you do not know how to do it, here is the ‘step by step’ instructions to achieve it for sure and at the best price => Create a wallet and buy Bitcoin. YOu may also easy get some bonus codes


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Bitcoin casinos generally adopt the Ezugi service which is, to our knowledge, the only service that allows table games


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It's a must-have English platform with 800 games from the best publishers. Bitcasino.io now has 100,000 players


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Evolution Gaming world leader in live casino services, a must-have provider of online casinos located in regulated countries

Where to buy Bitcoins?

Prior to December 2016, most users created a portfolio on Blochain.info (the most popular wallet) and traded in Bitcoin with the broker of their choice. For immediate availability, BTC credit card purchases were quite expensive with commissions ranging from 6% to 12% depending on the amounts and the intermediaries

Since December 2016, by opening a door frame on Blockchain.info, buy bitcoin The user has the possibility to buy bitcoin by means of a credit card, for a very competitive fee (3% for 100 €) and a procedure simplified because everything happens without leaving the wallet

This fee reduction is the result of a partnership between Blockchain.info and leading Danish company Coinify.

This beneficial initiative has the merit of simplifying the acquisition of Bitcoins and limiting the cost to promote its use => how to buy bitcoins with Coinify and Blockchain